Nature inspires!


What can you do with a 1000 days?


We (my beloved Anneke and I) realized 'De Welige Witte'



Moving from the city to the village, we rediscovered the glory of the countryside and the idea arose

to look for a house with a piece of land in the green, where we could give something back to nature.

3 years later we settled in the outskirts of Baarle-Nassau.

Fortunately, our plans were already there to do something beautiful with this 22.500 m2 piece of earth:

We decided to convert it from agricultural land to natural land and went to work for a 1000 days...

We founded the 2ha. large nature park 'Heerlijkheid De Welige Witte'.

With the help of 'Stg. Het Brabants Landschap' we planted more than 2600 trees and shrubs,

dug a pool and built a fruit orchard, natural meadows and a lime-tree avenue.

It is truly wonderful to experience what happens when you exchange monoculture for nature:

What a resilience Mother Earth has and what a glory she gives to us!

Biodiversity has really exploded here in recent years...


Farm shed

The barn was converted into OWME Studio.

We cleaned up the asbestos roof, installed solar panels, reused a lot of second-hand materials

and left authentic elements visible, which helped the look & feel enormously.

Inside there is a small recording hall with a stage, bar and kitchen and recording rooms..

The hall and the rooms, a control room, two soloist booths and a drum booth, are sounding nice and warm.

It is possible to make live recordings for a small audience or invitees.

Outside there is a spacious terrace with a presentation podium and

in the private park there are several lounges-in-the-green, connected by beautiful meandering footpaths.

OWME Studio is equipped with all necessary facilities.



 Inside the building and throughout the park you can feel what nature brings us, and experience the enormous energy it radiates.

We hope to inspire and encourage our guests by letting them experience how cool that is and

by showing them that it makes sense to connect their arts to Mother Earth;

We are nature...